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Drug Crime Lawyer Fort Worth

A person can be charged with a misdemeanor or felony drug crime, depending on different factors. The factors include an individual's past criminal record, the number of drugs, and if the drugs were for personal use. Drug offenses are, in many cases, vigorously prosecuted in federal and state criminal courts. However, the strength of any case also depends on the actions of the investigators, arresting officers, and prosecutors.

At Cole Paschall Law, our attorneys work with experts to uncover mistakes in interrogation techniques that are questionable, how a search warrant is executed, and evidence collection. What’s more, our drug crime lawyer in Fort Worth is an effective negotiator who knows how to work with prosecutors to mitigate sentences or reduce the charges received by our clients.

Types of Drug Crimes

The different categories of drug crimes are:

  • Trafficking – These are activities that involve the distribution of drugs, such as transporting and selling drugs. Sentences range from three years in prison to life imprisonment, depending on the number of drugs involved. Penalties are usually harsher if you are found selling to minors. In Texas, you can be charged with a felony for selling any quantity of marijuana to an underage child and face up to 20 years in prison.
  • Possession – You can be charged for having small amounts of drugs, even those for personal consumption, and also for possessing with intent to sell. Arresting officers can prove your intention to distribute the substances if there is a large quantity found, or if they find certain drug paraphernalia such as packaging.

What are the Disadvantages of Having a Drug Criminal Record?

Some of the problems of having a drug crime conviction in your record are:

  • Difficulty Getting Employed – Employers usually check the criminal history of prospective employees, and many are wary of hiring people with previous drug crime convictions.
  • Housing Trouble – Most landlords are reluctant to rent their spaces to individuals with criminal records out of the fear of compromising the safety of their property and other tenants.

Getting convicted for a drug crime can adversely affect your life, even long after you have served your sentence. To improve your chances of avoiding a negative record, you should hire a reputable attorney.

Can Juveniles Be Prosecuted for Drug Crimes?

Under the law, a juvenile is someone under the age of 18. If such a person is found to possess controlled substances intentionally, they can be charged with drug possession. Trials involving such minors occur within the juvenile judicial system. If a juvenile is proven guilty, they can face several consequences such as probation, drug counseling, or detention.

If your underage child is charged with a juvenile drug crime, it’s advisable to get a drug crime attorney to handle the case for you. Look for an experienced one who can focus on getting your daughter or son a second chance instead of shuffling her or him through the criminal justice system over and over again.

Get a Top Drug Crime Lawyer

One mistake should not have the power to change your entire life. At Cole Paschall Law, we work day and night to ensure your drug charges don’t end in the worst possible way. Give us a call today on (817) 477-4100 to get a free consultation with a drug crime lawyer in Fort Worth. We’ll plan out a defense strategy, and do everything we can to work towards a positive outcome for you.

Drug Crime Lawyer Fort Worth
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Drug Crime Lawyer Fort Worth
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Drug Crime Lawyer Fort Worth Drug Crime Lawyer Fort Worth