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Article provided by: Positive Solutions Divorce Services® | Toronto (Downtown)

Ontario Seperation Agreement

Ontario Seperation Agreement

At Positive Solutions, we specialize in mediating an Ontario separation agreement and help couples have a seamless transition. While separation can always be a heartbreaking time for families, we make it easier by taking care of the case's financial and legal issues.

How to handle family mediation effectively?

Approaching mediation advocates for family mediation in Ontario can help you overcome your disputes and reach a fair agreement sooner. Mediation advocates address interpersonal conflicts and facilitate effective communication between the parties involved. Here's how to handle family mediation effectively:

  • Refrain from using blame, shame, or guilt during mediation. Address the problem rather than playing the blame game.
  • Get into the habit of acknowledging and listening to the opposite party’s arguments before putting forth your points and side of the story.
  • Be more approachable and ask yourself “would I rather be happy, or right?”
  • Treat the other party with respect and be persuasive
  • Be patient, work past the anger, and focus on the interests

Should I hire a mediator for a separation agreement?

A separation agreement is a legally binding contract detailing aspects of your separation, issues of child support, custody, visitation, property division, and alimony with your former partner. Getting a separation agreement allows you to settle matters with your spouse outside of court faster.

While you can resolve simple matters without the help of an Ontario divorce mediator, you must seek professional help for negotiating and drafting an agreement if you have a conflict of interests with your partner on various issues. By hiring an Ontario mediation and divorce solutions provider, you can protect your rights, draft a valid agreement, and reach an agreement that is satisfactory to everyone involved in the process.

How to make a separation agreement that satisfies both parties in ON?

A separation agreement is a legal contract encompassing how a couple has settled issues related to their separation. A separation agreement is a much faster, less expensive, and out-of-court way of settling conflicts between a couple. Here are some tips for a satisfying separation agreement:

  • Approach a leading mediator or arbitrator offering practical and affordable divorce solutions in Ontario to help you and your former partner reach an agreement. They facilitate effective communication and help you and your partner reach a favorable agreement.
  • Your goal with mediation should be to reconcile interests. Hence approach the issues with creativity and an open mind, and do not dismiss or criticize the other party's ideas. Brainstorm and evaluate the situation together, build on one another, and select the solutions that offer the maximum benefits for both of you.
  • Work past the anger to arrive at a mutually acceptable deal and get ready to make compromises. It is always better to reach a resolution that satisfies both parties' interests than having no deal at all.

Call Positive Solutions today for divorce Services. Get your free consultation with Bev Lewis at 888-779-8777. As a leading name for Ontario separation agreement, we help couples make it through their separation with minimal distress, disappointment, and bitterness.

Ontario Seperation Agreement
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Ontario Seperation Agreement Ontario Seperation Agreement